Your Checklist for Cloud Security

Posted by Ronnie Jackson on Fri, Apr 12, 2013

cloud computing securityIt’s no secret that security is a major concern of businesses looking to move certain aspects of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. However, often times cloud providers can offer better-protected data, compliance and availability than businesses provide on their own. 

The key is finding the right cloud provider with the right cloud security, protection and data center specifications in place. Use our check list below to find the best cloud based workforce optimization provider for your business:

checklist2Data is protected at rest and in motion

Look for a provider that offers encryption for data at rest and SSL encryption for all data in transit. Some companies with premise-based installations do not encrypt their data and instead place full trust in their IT team. Finding a cloud provider that offers encryption can eliminate the possiblility of anyone stealing your data.


Your cloud-based solution should provide the tools necessary for your company to be compliant with regulatory obligations (PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.). In many cases, companies will benefit from this as many cloud providers have defined “trust officers” that create, approve and audit security processes way beyond what a small to medium-sized company could afford. Your cloud solution should have the resources and staff to keep up-to-date with the ever-shifting security requirements.


It’s important to evaluate the provider’s redundancy to ensure down-time is kept to a minimum. Redundant HVAC, power, internet, servers and even data centers are features to look to ensure optimum up-time.

checklist2Physical Security

Since your data is no longer kept on your own turf, don’t forget to consider the physical security your provider offers. Badge/biometrics entry and 24/7 on-site guards should be provided.

checklist2Environmental monitoring

Cooling, air pressure, humidity and leaks should all be monitored 24x7. A fire suppression system should also be in place.

checklist2Quality Team Contact

You should have at least one contact that you can reach to answer security information questions, especially for audits.

Ronnie Jackson is the Director of Innovation at Adtech Global.

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