Unified Communication Systems for Multi-Site Businesses

Posted by Chris Rawlins on Fri, Feb 15, 2013

More and more companies are expanding beyond a singular office to serve more customers, meaning they may have multiple locations. While this makes your company accessible to a wider audience, it can also cause some internal complications, such as with your communication system.


Multi-site businesses have struggled with the silo approach of communication. At many organizations, there is a telecom manager and network manager to oversee each location’s communication system. Any moves, adds or changes are then communicated back to the headquarters’ servers, where it would then be manually updated to each of the systems.

However, you can easily streamline these processes with a unified communication system, while also cutting costs.

Here’s How:

  • Only one administrator is necessary for all of your sites – and he or she can control everything from anywhere
  • Reduce complexity by having one seamless system that communicates with all of your sites
  • Administration functions are extremely easy to use, with a single login under one system
  • Capability to connect or bridge with any type of PBX system
  • Switch-based rather than server-based, which makes down-time a rare occasion
  • Reduce costs and time spent on staff, training and maintenance

The best thing about a unified communication system? It goes way beyond the telephone. The same system that delivers your phone calls can also provide instant messaging, voice and web conferencing, real-time presence, email and CRM system integration and mobility. With real-time presence, you can actively view who is on the phone, in a meeting, or out of the office from all sites of your business. This dramatically increases productivity and simplifies collaboration, especially when communicating between different locations.

If your multi-site business is still using a silo approach for communication, consider the simplicity, savings and feature-rich services a unified communication system can provide.

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Christopher Rawlins is Sr. Business Development Engineer at Adtech Global.

Topics: IP Telephony & Unified Communications