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Why You Should Care About the Full Verint WFO Suite Being Offered in the Cloud

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Joe Halloran is the VP, Business Development for Adtech Global

The full suite of Verint’s Workforce Optimization applications have major benefits for contact centers: maintaining efficient and consistent customer service interactions, decreasing call length and call volume, increasing positive customer service levels and so much more.

Cloud Maneuvers

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Jeremy Powell is the VP of Information Systems for Adtech Global

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Sage wisdom from the ever thought provoking management consultant, educator and author, Peter Drucker. Few business leaders have remained so relevant for so long as Mr. Drucker…

Are You Forecasting & Scheduling for Multichannel Support?


After an initial investment in multichannel contact center applications, managing your workforce by forecasting and scheduling appropriately becomes even more important. Now basic phone etiquette and using minimal modes of communication to interact with customers are not the only skills your agents need. Instead, your agents must be able to type, use proper spelling and grammar and use multiple mediums of communication in addition to maintaining their basic phone skills.

Don't Just Experience...Engage


Republished from the Verint InTouch Blog dated July 31, 2014, with permission by the author, Ryan Hollenbeck, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Verint Systems.

Positive customer experiences don’t just happen—they take work. Moreover, customer expectations are through the roof. When their experiences are less than positive, the world often hears about it. Poor experiences have more significant consequences than they used to.

Workforce Management – Creating Schedules for Your Contact Center

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In any industry, you want to ensure your employees are happy. In the contact center, you want to make sure your employees and customers are happy. It is extremely important to have proper coverage at every hour to meet customer service needs, which in turn means that some agents will get a less than ideal work schedule. When learning how to use Workforce Management software for scheduling, it is important to remember who you are scheduling…people. Workforce Management software can be used to create the most accommodating schedules for your agents while providing the best outcome for your organization and contact center.

The Customer Experience Ecosystem


How to drive differentiation through contact center software 

We’re not loyal to what satisfies us, we are loyal to what we love. If you ask your average customer why they love your organization what would they say? In order to create the perfect customer experience, you can invest in contact center software to drill down into customer interactions to drive differentiation and increase customer retention.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Speech Analytics


Speech Analytics has become one of hottest applications in the contact center industry today. Not only does it give you the ability to glean insights into your contact center to enhance customer service levels, it also enables you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on operational costs and discover the root cause of customer service calls in the first place.

Four Pillars of a Successful VoC Program


Over the past few years, Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics programs have changed dramatically to help organizations adapt to the shift in customer interactions. Through applications like Speech and Text Analytics, you can build a VoC program that connects with your customers through multiple channels by listening, gathering and using that information in a timely matter to improve customer interactions.

What Has More Impact - Improving Processes or People?

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Republished from the Verint InTouch Blog dated June 23, 2014, with permission by the author, Mary Lou Joseph, Senior Marketing Manager, Verint Systems.

Recently, I was speaking to a customer about their enterprise-wide operational excellence improvement initiative. They broke down their approach into three phases:

Speech Analytics - Is the SMB Market Finally Ready?

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As an exhibitor at the 15th annual Call Center Week tradeshow in Las Vegas last week, Adtech Global was proud to exhibit with our newest cloud partner, 3CLogic. Call Center Week was full of various industry trends and insights, but there was a buzz and interest in Speech Analytics within the small/ medium business (SMB) space. Speech Analytics, a historically high-investment solution, hasn’t always peaked the interest of SMBs because of its reputation as a solution requiring resources, time and a large upfront investment.  However, with the introduction of Speech Analytics as a cloud solution, that isn’t the case anymore. 

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