Do Your Contact Center Applications Provide Enough Security?

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Wed, Dec 21, 2016

With changing technology come new threats to security. When looking at your current contact center applications, especially if you are looking to upgrade or make a change in vendors, you should pay close attention to the security features in each application. Here we will review the security features in Verint Workforce Optimization.

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Verint Engage UK Customer Conference: Always Be Innovating

Posted by Hayley Knott on Thu, Dec 8, 2016

As a Premium Partner of Verint we were pleased to be invited to support this year’s Engage UK Customer Conference hosted at The Savoy, London. As my first time at an Engage event I was unsure what to expect, but the venue, staff and atmosphere were amazing. The leading theme was creative innovation, with a strong focus on the versatility of the Verint solution set. As the guests arrived it was clear to see that there was a host of Verint advocates and happy customers that were keen to hear the latest releases and case study examples across a multitude of industries. Throughout the day, large national and global organisations such as Tesco bank, LV and Westbank shared their experiences with the attendees. Getting a first-hand account into how they implemented a range of solutions from Workforce Management (WFM) to Robotic Process Analytics helped add context to the products and reinforce the fact that every businesses needs are individual and should be cared for as such.

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Is Speech Analytics Too Expensive?

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Tue, Nov 22, 2016

Customers expect contact centers to provide exceptional customer service regardless of the cost. However, have you ever stopped to think about the different costs associated with a contact center? Hourly wage for agents; cost of computer, headset and other hardware; cost of rent for contact center facilities; and the list goes on. A cost most customers don’t know about within the contact center is contact center software like speech analytics. This can be a very powerful tool to help customers receive requested information more quickly and effectively by allowing contact center analysts to review recorded calls and improve the customers experience moving forward. In order to determine if speech analytics is worth the cost, contact center managers must calculate the return on investment (ROI) of speech analytics.

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Save Money by Investing in Speech Analytics and Your Staff

Posted by Hayley Knott on Tue, Nov 15, 2016

Following a damning report three weeks ago from Ofcom, the communications regulator in the United Kingdom, regarding the short fallings of mobile giant Vodafone, many other communication businesses might be questioning if they currently meet all of Ofcom’s requirements?

The first investigation started when over 10,000 pay-as-you-go customers were not receiving credits to their accounts when they added funds.  The second investigation led to Ofcom’s rules around handling customer complaints, which Ofcom reported:

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Horror Story: Contact Center Implementation Gone Wrong

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Mon, Oct 31, 2016

This article was co-authored by Travis Coates, Director, Implementation Services at Adtech Global

When you think of Halloween you often think of things like trick or treating, dressing up in scary costumes or exchanging scary stories. Today we have a scary story you can relate to…a contact center horror story. Imagine you and your team have selected a Workforce Optimization soluton and have just completed a contact center implementation. The system is up and running, your team has been trained for the new application and you are ready to go. The next day you come to work and your server has crashed. All the work your team and your solution provider put into the contact center implementation has disappeared. Now you have to go back through the process, with months of work wiped clean.

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Contact Center Multimedia Monitoring and Management

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Thu, Oct 13, 2016

When you ask most people about the contact center environment they often conjure up an image of agents sitting in front of a computer in rows of cubicles responding to customers on the phone. Those in the contact center industry know there is more to the contact center environment than solely answering customers on the phone. Nowadays contact centers have multiple ways to interact with and assist customers. Last week, in our consulting webinar series, Brad Justice, Senior Application Consultant with Adtech Global, discussed the different multimedia channels and how to better monitor and manage these channels in your contact center.

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Contact Center Optimization: How Do I Know What I Need?

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Thu, Sep 29, 2016

Contact center managers are responsible for providing superior customer service to all customers. Almost everyday, managers review their agents’ performance to determine if they are reaching their customer service level expectations and contact center optimization. If not, contact center managers are left asking many questions. Are my agents in need of additional training to reach our optimal level of customer service care? Or are there areas of improvement within my contact center environment not related to my agents? How can I best reach full contact center optimization?

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Why You Need PCI Compliance in the Contact Center

Posted by Brian Lareau on Thu, Sep 15, 2016

As new technologies emerge, credit card information protection has been a concern for companies around the world. Nowadays, customers frequently purchase items online with a credit card or call into their contact center to pay by phone as opposed to other payment methods. Companies must ensure their customer’s credit card information stays safe and are forced to implement security standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance.

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Top 6 Workforce Management Challenges

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Tue, Aug 30, 2016

Managing a workforce is a difficult task. Brad Justice, Senior Application Consultant with Adtech Global, hosted a consulting webinar last week to uncover the Top 6 Workforce Management challenges in the contact center and a few solutions to overcome each.

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Part 5: 5 Keys to Successfully Transform Customer Experience Data into Actionable Insights

Posted by Nicole Dunham on Wed, Jul 13, 2016

In our last installment we will learn the final key to successfully transform customer experience data into actionable insights. We have previously learned the first, second, third and fourth keys from Verint’s Brian Koma, VP & Customer Experience, and Sean Mahoney, CCXP.

We have previously learned about an effective data collection process and analysis. For the final key we will focus on turning your customer experience data analysis into actionable insights.

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